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Midheaven Denim

Midheaven Denim is a line of premium denim handcrafted in LA of the finest and most sustainable Italian fabric. Founded in 2018 by Kathryn Brolin, a model and entrepreneur who recognized a niche of women who like her were seeking longer than average inseams, Midheaven was originally created to serve tall women, though the brand has gone on to include women of all shapes, sizes and heights. 

The term "Midheaven" means "middle of the sky;" the brand represents that as a FEELING, an initiative, to evoke the confidence to live life as your best and most fearless self; to reach for your own personal Midheaven, to regard height as much more than a physical state, but a state of mind. 

In its endeavor to provide a beautiful product to fit the likes of those who find themselves somewhat outside the average sizing scale, Midheaven Denim strives to bring back the confidence to those who have lost it in the dressing room. "Height is a State of Mind" is Midheaven's goal; to focus on the importance of feeling your best and truest, most confident self and bringing those necessities to the forefront. Sometimes all it takes, is a good pair of jeans.